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Ask almost anyone in Hawaii where to get tailor made suits or Aloha shirts and the most likely response will be "See Andy Mohan." Andy Mohan is known as "the man who makes the clothes that make the man." He has fabricated suits in Hawaii for four decades, suiting up every governor in Hawaii since William Quinn and numerous celebrities.

Current Promotions Best of Honolulu Award Winner, Best Tailor, 2007 and 2008
Best Tailor
Best of Honolulu, 2007 and 2008
Dress right... you can't afford not to!

Who is Andy Mohan?

Andy Mohan He was featured in Pacific Business News, Hawaii's most popular business weekly. Andy, who can size up body measurements (there are 35) without devices, never learned to sew because he felt hunching over a machine limits creative design work.
You are more Smartly Dressed in Andy Mohan Clothes
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